UH All-American Ed Oliver's MCL injury not considered serious

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UH All-American Ed Oliver’s MCL injury not considered serious

Hope he’s allright. Looks like they were right to pull him out of the game. We are going to need him against Schmoo.

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Day to day is “Teams talk” I have no idea what condition, grade his MCL sprain is but I will be very surprised if he does not miss at least one game. Let’s all hope for Ed first that it is a lesser grade.

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Hope he is ok. Boy we need him against SMU.

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For ANY MCL sprain grade one or higher IMO I believe it is a huge mistake for a player to play just a week later. Ed might be Superhuman but we/I have no idea how “sound” his knee is. As a sports athlete whenever you knee is vulnerable it needs rest. Just think of the target that he is. We all know cheap shot happen all the time. His future is much more important than this game.

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Agreed… Ed wanted back in the Temple game so badly, but they wouldn’t let him. My sense is that we don’t risk our athletes if they are able to play.

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Greg in the past two seasons played injured. I will never forget judas for it. I can only imagine if he had been healthy for a full season. judas got his contract and Greg is on a practice squad.


What about the two starting LBs that left the game?

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i think he plays this week, they rested him and will practice him today and see.
he will wear a brace as a precaution. he was jumping up and down on the sideline during the game…i think they are being very cautious with the prize pony. that’s all.

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He had the same injury against Louisville and played the next week.

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I agree that the ejection for targetting probably shouldn’t have been upheld. One of those, “it looks worse than it actually is” type hits.

Would have been nice to hear what they say about Corbin’s OPI.

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Pretty obvious that he went after Ed Oliver’s knee. Play may be legal but it is still dirty and intended to injure.