UH and Heisman winners


The Coogs beat two Heisman Trophy winners last year - I’m presuming this happened before - but how uncommon is it?


And I heard that OU QB Baker Mayfield’s dad is a former UH FB player? Can anyone confirm this and what year(s) he was on the UH FB team?





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Thank you very much for posting.
What comes to my mind? Lost opportunities. That is what happens when you have been kicked to the curb and not being part of a P5. We did beat ok but where are we today? ok is playing for the cfp and we are going to Hawaii (love the location) Mayfield was not offered by U of H. I have no clue why, depth at QB maybe?
Time is precious and we have to get back to a P5 ASAP.


So Tony Levine was too busy recruiting an over-rated QB out of Florida to bother to recruit a (former Coog’s son) state championship QB in Austin by the name of Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield story is a whole lot like that of Case Keenum (both under-rated Texas state championship QBs). So remind me again of all that recruiting hyperbole about how much stars matter? Ha Ha Ha.

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