UH at #13 in AP Poll

Boise state hasn’t played anyone of note. Only Washington state has a winning record of the P-5’s they played. Beating bad teams does not rate being above us.

Looks like some people tried to drop us the normal amount a G5 is dropped after a loss. I bet when the AP came out they were like oh crap. We are ranged from 9 to 24. That is a wide variety.

I assume we are stuck at 12 or 13 till the Louisville game. That is our shot to crack the top 10 of the AP. I don’t think we sniff the top10 in the CFP however.

Actually, we could be back into the top 10 (or very close to it) by the end of this week alone (assuming we beat Tulsa) and could stay there for quite a while.

While that is only the AP poll, a season-long duration in the top 10 ranking there (minus one week) might influence the CFP as well.

#1 Alabama v. #9 Tennessee
#2 Ohio State v. #8 Wisconsin
#22 Arkansas v. #12 Ole Miss

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Also, #10 Nebraska is only favored by 3.5 over Indiana on the road. Indiana has been surprisingly good in flashes this year.

No Houston media votes in the AP poll? Isn’t that kind of a large market to ignore?

Problem with being a “One-Newspaper-Town.” JD has said that they offered him an AP vote this year, but Chronicle policy is to not be a voter. No other outlet to go to after that.

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