UH at #21 in New AP Poll



(Randy Randel) #2

Coaches as well



(Jimmy Morris) #4

21 AP
21 Coaches Poll
20 RPI
19 BPI
7 seed in Lunardi’s bracket
6 seed in Palm’s bracket
2-2 vs RPI top 12
4-2 vs RPI top 50
8-3 vs RPI top 100

6 seed means first round matchup would be a bubble team. Second round matchup would be a team around Wichita State’s caliber.


Where’s that post someone did showing seeds winning %'s? I should have book marked that.


If we can play at our best in the AAC and NCAA tournaments, I believe we can be a Sweet 16 team.


If our gunslingers are on target and Rob Gray is…well, being Rob Gray, then we become a very dangerous team. I think we are going to sneak up on some non-AAC schools.

Also…anyone have any timeframe for return for Wes Van Beck? I sure hope his body heals fast…that kid deserves to see the court in both tournaments.


Sounds like its doubtful for Van Beck to play in the AAC tourny. Hope like hell he can return for the NCAA’s…that would smooth over any disappointment…but missing the NCAA could be agonizing I imagine.

(Brad) #9

The way coaches say he always goes 100%, it’s surprising he hasn’t been injured before.


What is Van Beck’s injury? I saw he had fingers taped up this past Sunday. And it looked very painful the one time he tried to handle the ball with his injured hand. CKS took him out immediately thereafter. Stinks that the injury comes at this time. Get well Wes!


Interesting that pro basketball can reach down to D league and pull a player to replace an injured player, but college basketball can’t have a D squad for a similar purpose. I’m sure that there are plenty of non scholarship players at any university who would be please to be on a B team for that ‘just in case’ moment.

(Mark Jacob) #12

Broken bone above the knuckle of his middle finger of his shooting hand. Hit it on another player early and left game. Coogs really under played it as a minor injury for 2 weeks prior.

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