UH at #9 in New AP Poll and Coaches Poll




An interesting note: Realtimerpi has us at #3, right behind Kansas and Duke.


(Marcus) #3

Sweet. Cinci only moved down one spot. They can easily climb back in to have another ranked showdown March.


Go coogs!! Feels great to be a top 10 team

(PMM) #5

I see that ut BOUGHT three voters !


Awesome!! Beat UConn!!! This one scares me for some reason.

(Jerrycoog) #7

Best ranking since Lewis


LSU #19
Cincy #26


UConn scared me before they lost Jalen Adams. Without him, we should be able to win that game comfortably. Just need to show up ready to play.

(David) #10

Jesse Newell and our friend Seth Davis must not watch Cougar basketball:


Tom Herman…lost to UCONN


Go Coogs! Good game yesterday. A little sloppy on both sides but I will take the win.

(David) #13

This is what scares me. The last three games have had motivation already there: avenge the loss to Temple, beat a good UCF team on the road and then face off with Cincy who was tied for first with UH. In two games, the team knows what happened last season on the road at Tulane when they were forced to play a game they should have postponed or canceled. For UConn, Top 10 ranking for UH and star player missing for UConn…

I think Sampson has them ready but I expect a close game.

(Jimmy Morris) #14

Hey, give UT a break. They won two games in a row for their first time in 5 weeks. :rofl:

(Randy Randel) #15

You’ve got to be kidding. Both teams play elite defense.


If nothing else, we’ve learned that anything can happen in this conference this year. I mean, Cincy lost to ECU! We can’t afford to look past anyone, Tulane included. That said, I feel very confident that CKS won’t let these guys look past anyone.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

Gotta take Bear with a grain of salt. In football and basketball he believes Houston is a P5 team and all the rest of the conference teams suck. He will compare ECU to Alabama to prove it.


Bear isn’t wrong. Yes, Cincy is a great defensive team, but there were still some unforced errors on our part that can be fixed. A couple of instances coming to mind off of the top of my head include Galen Robinson’s turnover following the Cincy player’s missed layup at the beginning of the game (Galen picks up his dribble at the half court area and has no choice but to pass the ball where there’s no one open) and Jerreau going 0 of 2 from the line towards the end of the game. Every game is a learning experience, and the team is still getting better.

(Dustin K) #19

Seems like some people always have us low on their ballots. We could win the tournament and still be voted below number 5.


There was a lot of good to take away from this game, but I was most impressed that we scored 65 points against an elite top 10 defense even though Armoni, Breon and Fabian combined for 6 points. This team is so deep. We can win games like this because we’re so good defensively and spread the ball around so well. Enjoy this ride, fellas.

(Mark Shapiro) #21

I would say there were sloppy moments, but I wouldn’t classify this as a sloppy game at all.