UH at #9 in New AP Poll and Coaches Poll


that idiot Jesse Newell has Auburn ranked at 14th when they are actually not even ranked. lol how does this guy get to vote

(Munzell Milluns) #23

So Nevada fell 3 after winning by 30?

Get ready to fall back to 11th after Tulane.

  1. Put 1 foot in front of the other
  2. Play them 1 game at a time
  3. Don’t look past anybody
  4. Stay focused on the task at hand
  5. Keep climbing that mountain


The voters thought that was Tennessee they voted for

(Charles) #26

One of the beauties of following the Cougars since CKS arrived is to watch them get better as the season go along. We peak at the end of the year, not the beginning.


Shhhh, you are ruining it for Seth Davis…

(JohnnyCougar) #28

A picture is worth a thousand words


It’s freaking unbelievable that the B12 with a 10 team conference is expected to get 8 teams in the tournament. Their best team has lost 5 games and their last seed Texas, has lost 10.


Ahhh, I love computers.


We are holding steady at #7 in the NET Rankings.

And at #8 in the ESPN Power Rankings.


Keep in mind the media types that are voting in these.

Many (most?) of them only watch a handful of games every week, and probably couldn’t name 25 players and coaches in all of college basketball.


Top 10! I’m finally ok with our ranking. I think the AP still has Nevada too high but I’m ok with it. Now the dude from the KC star really needs to check himself, dude ranked Va tech like 11th and Auburn top 15, super weird. Also still has TTU above us, not sure what that dude is smoking, probably just trying to get press and clicks by being the super controversial guy


This is the song playing in my head today after the rankings came out.


Actually moved up a notch in the ESPN Power Ranking.


Your confidence in my personal beliefs never seems to wane and yet you are rarely correct.
While I do think UH is a P5 school in a crappy conference I would NEVER compare ECU to Alabama unless it’s loosely based on geography.
I thought we played well but we are capable of playing better. I see that others agree that there we’re at least some sloppy elements to our game from time to time.

(Munzell Milluns) #37

You have to realize that some media, like some people in general, create their own paradigm. They start from the premise that there are only four conferences and require you to prove them otherwise.

(Jimmy Morris) #38

Houston has averaged on the season, 11.6 turnovers a game. Cincy has averaged on the season 10.4. We had 13 and they had 4 yesterday. Might as well say the whole season has been “a little sloppy.” You know why we were slightly over our average? Because Dejon, who has had turnovers all year long “shaking off the rust,” had the ball more than average as he was carrying the team to victory while Corey was in foul trouble.

(Munzell Milluns) #39

Cincinnati is a very talented and well-coached team. They are capable of beating anyone in the country. Cronin basically said the 9 blocked shots was the difference in the game.

Expect a absolutely fierce game from 12ft inward on the next game. They are going to man up and turn up the intensity on offensive rebounds.


Because of their coach.

(Randy Worrell) #41

AAC was 4-1 vs B12! Our conference is better than it gets credit for!