UH believes long-awaited banner season at hand

(Eric Prado) #1

(Patrick) #2

Need that signature win this year. Would be real nice if we can beat Cincy or Wichita State.

(Patrick) #3


It’s great when your signature wins are within conference as opposed to having to rely on OOC wins.

(Marcus) #5

Beating both would be nice. Who else is ready for thus season to start?!

(PMM) #6

Kind of a shame that with arguably CKS’s best team to date… the team has to play 30 “road” games.

Maybe he can convince them that are the Road Warriors !!

In any event, this group could be pretty salty by the time the conference schedule rolls around.

(Dustin K) #7

Upside, it makes for a good story to tell on tv. So the better they do, the more likely the story gets told again and again.

(Patrick) #8

Cincy’s going through the same thing, in fact, they are actually playing in another state this year.

Hope that both teams can overcome that and the conference does well. Saw that Jerry Palm over at CBSSports has 5 AAC teams in his bracket, but not Houston: Wichita St, Cincy, SMU, UCF, UCONN.

(Ryon Adams) #9

I like our chances. TOURNEY OR BUST!!!

(VancouverCOOG) #10

I like our chances too. I think we will make it this year barring any major injuries.