UH coach Major Applewhite taking time on search for offensive coordinator

(Eric Prado) #1

(A.R. ) #2

How about a special teams coach? CMA has his hands full being the HC, and we really need someone there full time.


Uh oh. He took his time with the D/C too and he ended up hiring someone that was already unemployed. Go figure.


So Major did not have anyone lined up.

Makes you wonder if Johnson leaving was Johnson’s decision.

(Paul Marlow) #5

Even if you hire a guy today, he wouldn’t be coaching in our bowl game. Additionally, our bowl game is next week so not much time to interview. Applewhite could have someone in mind and may want to see who else pops up as the NFL and college football winds down.


In that case he hasn’t contacted anyone about the job if he has someone in mind but still has his options open.

(Tom) #7

Wouldn’t be the least surprised if this turns out to be a promote from within situation.

(Paul Marlow) #8

I had the same thought in it gives an internal candidate a chance on a dry run against a defense that appears to be very good.

(Bryant Hargrave) #9

Ah a “national search” situation. Gotcha

(Jerrycoog) #10

Travis Bush has already sent in his resume.

(Mike Higdon) #11

What makes you think he hasn’t been talking to someone already? What makes you think he doesn’t have someone in mind who is engaged in post season preps for another team? Until a guy is signed and sealed, one has to keep his options open or risk coming up empty. I haven’t a clue what he is doing or going to do, so I will just wait and see. One thing I won’t do is make assumptions based on nothing.

(Mike Higdon) #12

That’s always a possibility. If we have someone in house that could fill the spot and perform well, I have no problem with that.


I was replying to lovetherock’s comment about having someone in mind but waiting to see what else comes up. He can actually talked with someone but is still keeping his options open then goes with the new option then the first guy will del jilted and cma will have burned a bridge. So using that scenario then cma hasn’t spoken with anyone and will wait.

(PortlandCoog) #14

If Major announced a hiring today, there would be people complaining about him not taking his time to get it right. This board is an unending Kobayashi Maru. :alien:

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I changed the conditions of the test!


Who knew there would be Star Trek junkies on this thread, lol.


Sony Dykes didn’t get that memo… and he is the HC!


He reads Coogfans and doesn’t like our choices for OC. Time to come up with new names.


I’m all for taking the time to find the right guy. Anyone applying for the job already has their playbook and they can’t start teaching plays until Spring practice so as long as we have the right guy by then, I don’t see a problem.

(Patrick) #20

Johnson was out recruiting the week after the season ended and was with Applewhite. If CMA wanted to force him out, I doubt he would have brought Johnson along.

My guess is that Mullen begged Johnson to come with him to Florida to get his tenure there off on the right foot and Johnson wasn’t happy enough at Houston to stay. Maybe Mullen promised him some increased role than he had at Mississippi State.

Once the championship game is played, the NCAA rule allowing for a 10th on-field coach will go into effect and a new coach will be hired. I believe Casey is the main Special Teams coach right now, along with tight ends, but it’s possible the 10th coach will focus on special teams.