UH Coaching Tenures

(PMM) #1

Let’s see…

Briles…5 years
Sumlin…4 years
Levine…3 years
Herman…2 years
Applewhite… ?

One would think that RK and TF being successful executives would realize what a mistake they made
in going down the hall for the next head coach (could have stopped at Orlando’s door) and cut their losses
by continuing the above mathematical progression.

Do not compound one mistake by complicating it with another.

CMA has no coaching resume that would qualify him for the UH job…just like Levine and Dimel.

Seems we have a nice stadium and soon to have a nice practice facility and a coach that has no clue !!

Would seem to be a shame to have it all go to waste.

3 questions about last nights game…

1.) Where was this offense against Tulsa ?

2.) What exactly were the “Defensive Adjustments” at halftime ?

3.) Having been on the sideline the entire second half and seeing the Memphis Offense
go thru us like crap through a Goose, why on earth would you punt from midfield of 4th and a foot late
in the game?

 Would it really matter if Memphis started on the 50 yard line as opposed to their 20 yard line ??  It 
 hadn't matter in the entire second half  !!!    42 points in 9 minutes of possession.

NEXT coach up !!!


Dimel had a decent, but not great, resume as a head coach, going 22-13 at Wyoming

(PMM) #3

Dimel is remembered for 0-11…

And some of his game time decisions were as weird as CMA’s !!


I remember Wyoming fans posting on UH message boards, thanking us for hiring him.


I’m not saying Dimel was good at UH. But the statement was that CMA had no resume just like Dimel. There’s no denying Dimel had a better coaching resume than Applewhite before getting the head coach job here

(PMM) #6

I can agree with that because Applewhite has nothing !!

(Cary) #7

Okay… I am not enamored with Applewhite right now either, but there is too much revisionist history going on here. Applewhite was an OC under multiple successful programs, including Brown, Saban, and Herman while he was here. He only lost his job at UT because he was gordita hunting. Otherwise, he was in line to take over for Mack Brown.

That is much better than Dana Dismel’s pedegree before coming to UH. It was better than Orlando’s. Plus, Applewhite was a guy who recruited Texas for most of his career. Neither of the other two has or had.

Applewhite was a sensible hire, but it isn’t working out so far.

(PMM) #8

You left out Rice…

I believe he was on the offensive coaching staffs at Rice, Alabama and ut, but NEVER the OC.

At ut, I think he was cashing a check…ala Vince Young !!

The ONLY OC job that he had was the last 2 years here and our offense was not that good…save Ward !!

(Cary) #9

Dude… I know you are upset but do a little damn research before you make yourself look stupid.

Coaching career (HC unless noted)
2003–2004 Texas (GA)
2005 Syracuse (QB)
2006 Rice (OC/QB)
2007 Alabama (OC/QB)
2008–2010 Texas (AHC/RB)
2011–2012 Texas (Co-OC/RB)
2013 Texas (Co-OC/QB)
2015–2016 Houston (OC/QB)

…and before you even suggest it… yes, he had playcalling duties at all of them.

(PMM) #10

You got this information from ???

(Cary) #11

The FBI and the CIA.

(PMM) #12

I concede your point…however, he was at Rice 1 year, Alabama 1 year, I don’t count ut as it is incestuous, he was then out of FB one year (hard to believe for such an outstanding coach) and IF/WHEN we fire his ass, we will see if Herman would take him back !!

My point about his resume sucking still applies !

Get out the AX !!!

(CoogNation_14) #13

I’ll say this after a long sleep and a couple workouts. Let’s just give him some space this year. He did lose a lot of key players and leave it at that. Yes we should continue to express our concerns with… Everything haha but let’s keep our pitch forks and torches locked up for now.

Don’t get me wrong I was one on board yesterday. I was so upset after that loss yesterday. I just had to find my inner Yoda.


2006 OC of a Rice team that finished unranked
Co OC of a 2007 Bama team that finished unranked
Co OC of a 2011 Texas team that finished unranked
Co OC of a 2012 Texas team that finished 19th
Co OC of a 2013 Texas team that finished unranked
OC of a 2015 UH team that finished 8th
OC of a 3016 UH team that finished unranked
No HC experience

OC of a 1995 KSU team that finished 7th
OC of a 1996 KSU team that finished 17th
65% win ratio as a head coach

Which is a better resume? Being co OC at Bama and UT means nothing if you can’t lead those schools to be ranked

(Cary) #15

7-6 Rice - 49th ranked offense
7-6 Bama - 67th ranked offense
8-5 Texas - 50th ranked offense
9-4 Texas #19 - 37th ranked offense
8-5 Texas - 61st ranked offense
13-1 Houston #8 - 22nd ranked offense

Kansas St’s offense didn’t rank in the top 50 in overall offense in either 1995 or 1996. The won with a solid run game and fantastic defense.

Dimel went 8-3 and then 7-4 at Wyoming in 1998 and 1999 respectively before he was hired. They didn’t win their conference either year.

Experienced coordinator versus mediocre head coach. I would take Applewhite. I actually saw Dimel coach. It was worse than Applewhite today.


So 7-6 at Bama is good to you? Funny thing. UH almost beat that team. Bama was up 23-0 in the 1st quarter, then only scored once more in the 3rd quarter while UH responded with 24 points almost scoring on a pass to the end zone on the last play of the game. Blowing a big lead and not really scoring in the 2nd half. Sound familiar?

(Cary) #17

I remember. Briles made some comment about a ref can only run a 5.2 - 40yd when he called a ball uncatchable that Alridge was held on. There was some home cooking.

But to the point, yes, that was good for Alabama. It was Nick Saban’s first year. This was not the Bama of today.

It still doesn’t address the main point. I saw Dimel coach at UH. It was ugly. I would take Applewhite in a heartbeat over him. He was a bad coach.

(Mike Higdon) #18

What, are you trying to say that talent has as much to do with winning as coaching? Obviously Saban just had a year when he went daffy and forgot how to coach because everyone knows Bama always had the best talent in the country. NOT!

The cupboard was left relatively bare for whatever coach followed LTH. Yeah we had 5 star Kyle Allen and Ed Oliver; but our OL is just too young and inexperienced except for NaTy and Marcus, neither of whom are premier players – not bad, just not premier. Our receivers are mostly slow except for King and and another player who drops balls in the open and in the end zone with regularity.

No one can argue that we have near the talent we had last year or the year before. Greg Ward alone on this team would have us undefeated IMHO; but for sure the talent we lost on defense is obvious.


The original point wasn’t that Dimel was a bad coach here. He was. It was about resume before here. And Dimel’s was at least arguably as good or better


So it sounds like you’re trying to have it both ways. Applewhite has an awesome resume because he coachesd at Bama. But it was ok that Bama had a bad record with Applewhite there because it wasnt today’s Bama.