UH College of Dentistry?

Although we still need to get the accreditation for the medical school, some are thinking a dental school should be next for UH.

I believe there is only one dental school in Houston which is . . . wait for it . . . UT. So where does all the dentists in Houston come from? Apparently from out of state.

UH is going to have a medical school by next year. The University already has a pharmacy school, and an optometry school.The procedure and reasoning of opening a new medical school can also apply to open a dental school.

A major hurdle in getting approval for a new medical school, which is a similar problem in petitioning for a dental school, is proving there is a need and proving the school will fulfill that need.

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Interesting idea. There are only 66 dental schools total in the US and another 10 in Canada. There are only 3 in Texas.

This, like our medical school focusing on primary care, could be an area where a case can be made for need.


If the state approves another dental school, it makes a lot more sense to give Austin one before giving Houston a second one IMO.

Sounds good to me. How about UHA College of Dentistry. That’s the University of Houston at Austin. :joy::joy::joy:


I like the idea. We already have Pharmacy, Optometry, and Nursing, and will soon have Medicine.

No good reason not to add Dentistry as well!

Houston is a major health care hub, and there’s certainly demand from its large population for quality dental professionals.

Perhaps someone could write Renu and Tilman and make this the next big project!


I think it’s a really good idea to start a dental school at the university. We should do it before TAM or Baylor decide to start one in Houston.

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Is there a need or demand for a dental school or for a different approach to one?

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Of course there is always a need for basic health services to those who lack access. We probably should look at children and how can our graduates help improve their oral health.

We could have a College of Dentistry with emphasis on pediatric oral health.



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