UH College of Medicine, New Law Building and Hilton Hotel Expansion breaking ground this summer

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Can hardly wait to see the new law building. We’ve needed one for DECADES!!!


I’m amazed by how quickly that new parking garage by the rec center has gone up

There are some other developments going on around campus too. The Icon is building phase 2 of their apartments, and there’s probably going to be another apartment going up on Elgin where that church is between Scott and Cullen.

You mean that church is coming down?

Seems like it according to this link. It’s the City Cathedral on Elgin, which is surprising because they renovatted it pretty recently. They must’ve gotten a good offer for the land. Here’s a rendering of the apartments someone posted on another forum. It looks massive.


Wow, this is really going to happen.


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So we have approx 8k on campus so how many off campus now? It’s approx 10k with all this new development?

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