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We really need these guys to have a great season to take the pressure off of Tune and the passing game without becoming one dimensional.


That is about as succinct as you can put it. Dana’s offense, and probably his season, will depend a great deal on those guys. No matter how you slice it Dana’s O is predicated on the run.

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CoachYeoman’s Veer was predominantly Run based.

We won some games. It can be done.

We picked up that frosh who some think will start this year… Right?

And another position that needs the Oline to be good.

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Fb Alton mccaskill , the fr your talking about

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The backs only go as far as the OL allows them. With the La Tech transfer (started 40something plus games) and Tank Jenkins securing spots early, per OL coach BJones, the interior of the line will be shored up, hopefully. That’ll go a long ways towards a successful offense this season.


Ah yes, an offensive line. We will miss the apex predator but what’s coming in should be a boost across the board.

Dana likes 55% - 45% pass - run or 60% - 40% pass run, unlike his mentor Leach who is 85% - 15% pass - run.

Our run scheme is a very basic one. No way our offense is predicated on the run.

Who do y’all think starts at RB. Who will be the rotation. I think we have a lot of depth and talent at RB this year. Adding henry and Alton. With fully healthy Car, I really like chandler smith when he got minutes I wish we got in more involved he’s very quick.

But you have to have a running threat to keep defenses honest. As great as all the pass happy offenses are, none of them have won a national championship.

Good point and keep in mind that coaches evolve during a game. Yes the philosophy might be around these numbers but it is always about finding a way to exploit an opponent weakness. This is valid for all “systems” including defense. Coaching is a constant chess game. I am 100% fine if we run 100% of the time and we control the ball most of the game.

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