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Something CMA and CKB both touched on is that Bryson Smith will see time at WR and QB. CMA laid out the depth chart as King, Dormady, Tune with Bryson getting a QB and a WR package.


"The experience upfront on the offensive and defensive line if you pinpointed it would be where our strength is. We have had a lot of guys play on the offensive line that are on our roster and a lot of guys on the defensive side that have played a lot on our defensive line. That is where our experience is. "We’ve done some things in the offseason to bring in fifth-year seniors in the secondary, at wide receiver and running back to help positions that are good already and make them even better. Guys that can produce right off the bat. Those are two positions, offensive line and defensive line, that we are deep. “We should be good, but that doesn’t mean we will be good. We have to work and develop there. Those are two of our strengths. Quite honestly, I’d rather be strong up front than in the back end at wide receiver and those things. We’ve got great players on the outside at tailback, wide receiver and defensive back. We just have to keep developing the depth there.”

These aren’t just great athletes they’re great people. I’m proud of the way they handle themselves.


Could that lady in the gray shirt in King’s clip look anymore disinterested in her job? LOL! And I mentioned it in another thread, but King is looking stout. That dude put on some bulk this off season. Hope that bodes well for his health over a long season.


With Bryson and Julon seeing the field, we have so many weapons. The offense should be really fun to watch this year. What’s the over/under on passes thrown by WRs this year?

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Don’t forget our punter has an arm on him too haha.


Good point, Dan. So, what’s the over/under on passes thrown by non-QBs this year? Hey, maybe we’ll even see Big Ed throw one!

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I expect Big Ed to throw a few passers this year!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This brings up a good point how much does the Briles offense utilize trick plays? I never watched Baylor much (and am a better person for it) but I do remember they had a huge lineman they would put on offense sometimes during Briles later years. When that guy got going with the ball no one wanted to touch him he was huge.

Yeah, that was the 400 pound TE they had. I haven’t watched enough Baylor football to have a feel for trick plays either, but I do not KB is pretty creative. Guess we’ll find out this year with all those weapons all over the field.

Awesome stuff. Thank you very much for posting. It is always the case with a new system and new Coaches. Te clock is against us but I do feel confident that we are getting there. I would be very worried if Donofrio did not say what he said. You can tell he has a chip on his shoulder/major envy to prove people that he is indeed a great DC Coach. I did not see this attitude last year.
At this time what matters most is that we continue to develop with every play that we learn/run and the time that guys spend in the film room. It is cliche but what matters, only matters is our first game. Everything else is pure fantasy.

I find it interesting (unless I heard him wrong) that Briles doesn’t tailor the offense to fit the players. He utilizes the players that best fit the offense. That means, if King is out there, it’s not because the offense has been suited to fit him, he is the best one to run the offense. Also the only time we will see Big Ed, is if he is the best player for that particular play.

I think that way bolds well for some players that haven’t been given the chance and not so much for other players that were a very athletic square peg having a square hole cut out just for them.

I think you heard Briles wrong. He tailors the offense to what the players can do. In a recent interview, CMA mentioned how this offense ran for 450+ yards when Baylor was without their top QBs one year. It also made Nick Florence be successful and you would have to Google his name now to find out what he is doing now (listen to the Fox radio interview with Doug Gottlieb).

If the offense does well this year, then UH has the players to run his offense. Should the offense stumble then UH does not have the players.

Either the way it won’t be the play calling, got it.

I know that is not what he said, but this board has come up with creative comments as to why coaches are bad.

Sounds like a creative reply. Offense struggled last year, change the coordinator. Offense struggles this year, change the players. In your world, never blame the coach?

The good news is I don’t think we will have issues with the offense scoring.

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