UH Cougars/Gameday Iphone app

I opened up my app that I used last year for all UH sports stuff, and it just hangs and won’t open. I’m assuming it’s not supported anymore, but looking in the app store, I’m not seeing any UH sports apps to replace it. I think the audio feed for football has moved to Tune In, but it used to stream through this app. I know baseball did just this last year.

Anyone have any info on this? Thanks.

had the same problem as you but i have an android. it has last seasons stuff but nothing else.

same with mine


Guessing the move to Sidearm screwed up the app. No idea if they’ll fix it.

still problems ? great.

this is really getting annoying for us constantly OOTC, in Breckenridge for Az, Asheville NC for ECU and Boston for SMU.
(BTW, will be at downstairs at Erics in Breckenridge for the Az game if it is televised for any in the neighborhood.

I was wondering about the app because I was checking it the other day and noticed that nothing had been updated in terms of roster, schedule, etc.

My iphone app won’t even get to old scores, just spins on the opening logo.

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