UH Cricket team wins National Championship

(Patrick) #1

Didn’t know we had a cricket team, but Go Coogs!

(Ryon Adams) #2

It’s a nice club sports distinction. The National College Cricket Association is apparently the sanctioning body, as the NCAA doesn’t sanction intercollegiate competition in cricket.

Along those same lines, I’d love to see UH’s Rugby Club win a national title. That sport is likewise not NCAA sanctioned.


OMG! We have a cricket team? Lol
Well Congrats.

(Westhoff) #4

Will this get us into a P5 cricket conference? Will they be serving crickets at cricket games in the future? These are important questions that need answers!

(WRB) #5

A big old congrats to the Cricket Coogs!! Well done!


Can these guys swing a baseball bat?


I went out to the American college cricket website and I’m not seeing UH listed as a team. I see v-tech, Maryland, az state, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon etc but no UH. Maybe I’m missing it.