UH face masks!

Order here. Come 5 per set.


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Just ordered mine, may as well be fashionable!!

Neo… “whoa.” :sunglasses:

got mine too

How long did it take to receive them? I ordered 2 days ago.

Home-made masks.


I got a 404 error on the link above…

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I got 404 too.

My wife has some of the same material and made U of H masks.


Their website is not very user friendly. Really hard to search. There are 2 more styles.


I made about 40 for my daughter and co-workers. They wear on top of the disposable ones. She wants Star Wars and Marvel Comic.

image|320x240 image image image

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I just heard that Harris county will require all over the age of 10 to wear a mask in public beginning Monday April 30 for at least 30 days. Details will be announce today at the 3:00 PM news conference. If I had to guess everywhere but home.

Going to be interesting to see how they try to enforce that without getting into a constitutional rights issue.


Looks great!

Yes. From what I read, Abbott’s directives (Monday announcement) will override anything at the county level so it will be a wait and see game.

And everything I read about proper use of a mask includes throwing away the mask in a closed container once it gets damp. Has anyone issued instructions for how to properly clean these homemade / multi-use masks? Can I just leave it in my car and wear it as many times as I want? Do I need to wash it after every trip to the store?

I know the basics of never touch the front of it but I feel like we are missing some of the finer details.

Yes you have to wash it after every dose of fear that you encounter.

And everyone under the age of 10 is now immune!!! Congrats kids!!!

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I took it as a mental health issue…parents of kids 10 or younger have to home school the kids (with no tax break) and are in no mood to have the “you have to wear a mask if you are going into the store with me” arguments…

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Exactly, The judge is picking battles she can win. If she was to enforce everyone stay at home, nothing is essential enough to die for and everyone wear a bubble, we would revolt.

I do feel for the people outside of the Dallas and Houston areas…

Looks like the filters aren’t included. Where can you get the filters? Could not find them on their website.

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