UH face masks!

I did not purchase filter. I cut up half a paper towel and fold it in half.

I bought mine 4/15 evening. I received tracking status today, 4/25 at 4 AM. Tracking number wasn’t valid until this evening. The link has lots of negative comments regarding 4px tracking. One man said it took 15 days fr delivery to Germany. Some said their packages have not arrived or have not moved for days. Mine currently said USORD/Dispatched overseas.

Those who ordered please chime in to let us know your order status. If this does not move within a week I’ll dispute with credit card. They use trackingmore website.

Ordered mine on 4/15. Nothing. Got a tracking message that it was to have been delivered yesterday. it wasn’t and the tracking link does not work.

They tracked ur money right out of the country! :):slight_smile:

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I purchased mine on 4/16 and received a notification a couple days ago that my order has been successfully processed. I haven’t received a tracking order yet.

I keep getting emails from them saying they have a delay due to order volume. Has anybody received theirs yet or is this a scam?

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I received a tracking link on 4/30. It said on 5/3 it departed facility to service provider. There has been no activity since then. Comments are negative about this carrier “4px” on the tracking link. I’ve filed for charge back with my CC and received credit already.

I ordered some in March, received a notification that the order had been processed in late April and have heard nothing since. I paid using PayPal and I’m going to try to dispute the charge and get a credit. It’s ridiculous that it takes this long.

My masks are finally here. I think I got the tracking link on 4/25. It took a few days for the link to be active, which was around 5/1. More than a week for package to get out of China. It arrived in O’ Hare approx 5/15 and was there for a few days. Then it went to DHL and then USPS.

I didn’t think there was an option for size. I got small. It came with 3 filters. Not a rectangle. The corners are tapered smaller from center. Dimensions from the center for length and width are 5.75" x 7.5". Exterior is synthetic, some kind of polyester. Interior is soft, thin jersey knit with pocket for filter. The elastic has adjustable mechanism. They seem OK. I am not impressed because they’re not natural fiber (cotton or silk) and therefore not as breathable. IMG_5203 IMG_5204 IMG_5199

Got mine on Saturday took about 5 weeks.

Got mine last week as well.

I received mine yesterday. From the time I ordered them till the time I received them it was about 2 1/2 months. Mine were also size small which I can’t wear-luckily I have a wife and daughter that can.

Mine were all small too. I took the bands off the ends to give them a little more length and I can make the work.

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