UH flags around town

(Patrick) #1

Saw this one on twitter and figured it’d be good to have a thread about it

(Chris) #2

That is a great idea. U of H flag and giving back to these businesses.


Walgreens in Bellaire.


Apollo Paint and Body

(Gary Taylor) #5

Discount car Clinic on Highway 6 (near Dulles) has been flying one for quite a while. Go Coogs

(Marcus) #6

My house LOL.


My house in Austin. Go Coogs! Suck it, t-sips!

(Will) #8

i need a flag for my house (in Austin Westlake) but want the old school UH flag like frontiersman carry. Anyone know where I can find?

(Richie Cunningham) #9

I got the old school “skinny” interlocking UH made at the flag shop located in museum district off Main/Fannin about 7 years back. They have the template, and make a really great quality flag. Never had a seam or a thread unravel yet flying it here in DC area. GO COOGS!