UH gear at Academy

Props to Academy off Kirby for carrying more Rice and UH gear than the other 2 schools. Plus they have another section by the gym section of UH gear.


Nice, I think stores in Houston are starting to understand that the more carry, the more we buy.

I need to go back and talk to the Kohl’s on Fry and I-10 that was only carrying Aggie gear.

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I’m a buyer for Stage, parent of Palais Royal and others. I don’t currently buy Active, but used to have Juniors (female) Active, including Collegiate. I’ll tell you this, buyers don’t stock to that level based on local pride. They’re stocking that much because customers are buying that much. Good to see us outselling the out-of-town schools.


So upper decks are supposed to wear white. Don’t see much in white.

There is one in the lower left of the OP’s second photo.:smiling_imp:

That’s a UT shirt, my friend. Point is if folks take this seriously, there will be some, maybe many, people wearing white, or mostly white, Ts without UH on them.

If the white sections are more than 10% white, I’ll be amazed.

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I’m not a fan of the 2 different color scheme for the fans this game. Main UH color is red. Why not keep it all red? Plus the unis for this game will be all red.

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