Uh gets wr grad transfer from utah - Raelon Singleton

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good get for us. should give us experience at wr that we need.


Nice add. We needed some experience at WR.

Feels like we could use a grad transfer at RB also since Catalon left.


It is interesting that he was recruited to the Utes by Brian Johnson, former UH OC, who is now at Florida.

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Expectations are that we will.

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Really like his size, awareness on his placement and unrated speed. We have lacked size with speed for a while now. Great job signing him.

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They are cousins. UH & B Johnson must have parted on good terms if Raelon is coming.

“Singleton, a cousin of record-setting Utah quarterback Brian Johnson, finished his career having played in 34 games with 69 receptions for 1,044 yards and eight touchdowns. The bulk of his contributions came in the past two seasons as a starter. He caught 63 passes for 995 yards and eight touchdowns combined in his sophomore and junior seasons.”


Our most recent big WR with speed is now playing CB. Lark and Corbin have size and speed too, but are relatively inexperienced.


Thank you for sharing. Interesting how if you just subtly glance at the video most of the uniforms he is wearing almost look like some of our uniforms from the past couple years. So it almost looks like it could be U of H highlights.

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This is why it’s important to never burn bridges even when it’s time to move on. Nice job by CMA to get a new OC but keep those existing connections going to get this key grad transfer.

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Former teammates.

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I’ve seen all I need to see.


Wait until Morgan gets to campus, 6-2 and can run.


Wow great news!


He won’t be wearing #11 here like in Utah, if big Ed can’t wear it he sure won’t, that’s Ware’s number:)

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