UH Hoops Recruiting

Anyone care to say about how many NCAA tournaments Lewis would have taken us too with the larger fields they use today

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Exactly. I just didn’t want to get into all the details that I would have favor, Sampson. I like what Coach Lewis did but that was a zillion years ago. Is like saying George Mikan can play with Shaq in his prime.

Sorry but you have no clue


It was harder for Guy as TSU arguably and everyone in the swac had better talent. Schools like Tennessee State could come in and get a Dave Latin with ease.

To cross the color line and get what the swac got and continue to get a Rob Williams or Olajuwon years later coaches took major risks and we’ll keep it like that.

Sampson has challenges but he’s not dealing with half the societal issues Guy had to. No way near and he’s easily compensated


Great post! My ONLY criticism is you left out, when to throw the tie… and how far

I wish Sampson could hang on that long but it won’t happen unless it is two generations.

Such stuff constitutes a Hall of Famer!

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