Uh huh ... the aggies are playing without

Roethlisburger Jr. (Knight) … should be interesting.

No. 2 Clemson bites the dust … to Pitt

A decent Wake Forest is leading Louisville in the 2nd qtr 9 - 0 …

Of course ol miss is without their QB too.

And Iowa is up on Michigan late in the 3rd

Got 2, 3, and 4 losing on the same day?

Louisville will probably be #3 AP poll come Thurs night.

Hope our offense shows up and Ward’s passing accuracy gets better … both disappeared the 2nd half today

These kids usually get up for the big games. Hope it happens again on Thursday

Aggies collapsed tonight - gave up 23 in the 4th to lose by 1 at home. Hot seat is warming up for Sumlin as they go through their annual collapse.

Of course, the way the committee loves them, they may only drop to 12th

Iowa driving on Michigan …3 minutes left … a FG will do it.

Baylor lost big to the Sooners today. Also lost Seth Russell who left on crutches.

Fun part of the CFP discussion will be Clemson/Louisville. Do you rank Clemson higher because they beat the Cards or do you go with Louisville because their loss was to a higher ranked team?

USF holds on to beat Memphis in a defensive struggle - 49-42


Central Michigan anybody…guess they still don’t have a chance…

No. 2 Louisville could well be showing up Thurs night … unless they only knock down Michigan two notches.

CSU-AF game is really good. AF up 42-38 at the end of 3.

I think A & M cannot play every week in the SEC- just not tough enough-

I don’t believe 80% of the SEC teams can play in the SEC … every week … not with Bama and Saban around to dominant them and to think Hurts is just a freshman and will only get better.

The aggies picked their poison and now they are no better than they were when they left the BXII … still the middle of the pack with a larger stadium plus a LOT OF 12th men and Reveille in the stands cheering on their mediocrity.

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