UH in Independence Day Movie

(Luke P) #1

I watched Independence Day today, which I haven’t seen probably since it came out in ‘96, and saw UH represented! It gets nuked by the president in a failed attempt to stop the aliens :joy:. But hey, I didn’t see any other university represented in that movie! It’s at about minute 128. Welcome to Earf!

(jimmyschofield) #2

I remember watching at the movie theater. When we saw the sign off of 45 that read “University of Houston next exit” the theater erupted. Then when they nuked it we boo’d. :joy::joy::joy:

(Luke P) #3

I wonder if it was meant to rib Randy Quaid? I thought it was hilarious though, any press is good press!

(Mark Shapiro) #4

I never thought about it that way. You might be on to something.