UH in Top 6 For QB Jalen Milroe

Coogs are in strong company, making the top eight for a highly recruited quarterback in the 2021 class. Katy (Tex.) Tompkins dual-threat quarterback Jalen Milroe released his top eight on Monday putting the Ducks along with Alabama, Florida, Houston, Northwestern, Texas A&M and Texas.



Stay home, young man!

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The title says top 6, the post says top 8, and the list is 7 schools long. Regardless, it’s good to be in the mix.


I got this same story in my google news feed this morning except the school in the top “8” is Florida. Looks like a lot of cut-and-pasting. Stay home buddy! They just want you for the clicks!

We sure need “that” guy going forward at QB. Bring someone in to compete against the likes of Ogbogu, Tune & Holgerson. Wouldn’t shock me if we’re in the territory for a graduate transfer next season.

Must be nice to be Alabama and be on almost every players list.

He may have them on his list, but do they have him on their list !

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All eight schools on his list have offered him a scholarship. He also has 11 other offers listed on his 247 sheet.

They do, they offered him a scholarship. You meant as a priority ?!! Who knows… But I think they do. He’s already a top 75 national recruit with a high upside.


Six, eight or seven? Houston we have a math problem!

Math is hard.


OK, here are his top 8:
Alabama, UH, Florida, Florida State, Northwestern, Oregon, aTm, UT

Here are his other listed offers:
Nebraska, Baylor, Boston College, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Utah St., Tulsa, Toledo, Stephen F Austin

It wasn’t too long ago that a kid of this ranking wouldn’t even give us a thought, much less in his top 8 along with those schools.


Is the Kid mobile or not, that is the main thing that matters to me, and completion to receivers? All else is just gravy!

He’s consider a dual, so I say yes. Looks pretty quick by video highlights.

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Ranked #3 dual threat QB of his class in the nation.


That’s our high school – I need to run into him at the store and talk some sense into him :slight_smile:

I appreciate your enthusiasm Atlcoog but we fans cannot recruit ! Know what I mean Vern ? Beat OU !

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You might want to tell the tens of thousands of SEC fans that bombard kids’ Twitter and facebook every day.

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Tompkins was a bottom feeder until he showed up. He is a very real deal.