UH - Italy Basketball Tournament August 6-16th


Didn’t we beat all the chinese teams we played?

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #22

We played Chinese pros who had a some former NBA players I think.
I remember hearing we did pretty well and losing one game by a narrow margin where the officials called a very strange game to say the least.

(Deacon Coog) #23

Dang I will be in Italy in July, would’ve have been cool to see while I was there.

(Jimmy Morris) #24

I feel like they should allow the schools to do this once every three years but leaving freshman (including redshirts) behind. That way no students go twice but more students like junior college players don’t miss out on the opportunity.

(Mike Higdon) #25

I don’t like leaving teammates behind.

(Jimmy Morris) #26

Look at the date. The team will be back before the true freshman are even on campus and allowed to practice with the team. Redshirt freshman could travel with the team but just not be eligible to suit up for the games.


No way. This is not 1995. With student athletes transferring every year in a large capacity of outflow, don’t restrict anyone (especially red shirt freshman like Caleb Mills who has been working his butt off) out of participating in the exhibitions. How is that beneficial to the team and the player development. That’s just outrageous thinking.

(Jimmy Morris) #29

You aren’t following the conversation very well. Just reacting to the last thing you read. The implementation I am talking about is IF it was paired with allowing them to do this every 3 years. Someone like Caleb Mills would sit this year but would get another opportunity his senior year. I’m talking about a system that gives more students an opportunity and would only take away the opportunity with someone that happened to be a redshirt freshman the first time and would leave the school before their senior year.


I would think that August 6 is late enough for the incoming freshmen, especially if they enroll for summer classes.


Correct. I would expect that both Marcus Sasser & J’Wan Roberts would enroll this summer for classes at UH and join Caleb Mills and the rest of the team on this trip.

(Jimmy Morris) #32

I’m sure you guys are right. Again, it’s all besides the point of the three year thing because more players would get more opportunities. Including those players doing it as seniors. So much focus on this particular trip and just ignoring future benefits to all players.

(steve saxenian) #33

These kinds of trips are mostly for coaches and wives. Except for the extra practices and games,the players not so much

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #34

Wow to the direction of this thread.

This trip is certainly not all about our coaches and wives. It is about getting the team to come together and compete. It will be a valuable tool for our program to get a jump on the season . The first trip was really good to get the Sampson era off the ground and this trip is at another opportunistic time after losing some leaders and transitioning point guards and Fr into their roles.

I am not sure why the topic of fr came up, Roberts and Sasser will both be here in June and I assume be making the trip with the rest.

(jim) #35

Come on, Steve. Many of these hardscrabble young men would never see Europe without this opportunity.

(steve saxenian) #36

Sorry. I didn’t mean to come off negative. There really a lot of positives about these trips