UH Law Center makes "Above the Law" Top 50

#47…in a ranking system that heavily favors employment outcomes.



for comparison to instate rivals, ut at 14; aggie at 46.

How did aggie move ahead of us

Amazing what can do when you get those PUF funds. I’m dating an Aggie and she even admits to me that the PUF is not fair and doing a disservice to universities in the State of Texas.

Since aTm took over Texas Weslayan School of Law in Fort Worth and turned it into aTm law school, its ranking has grown from bottom 10% to slightly higher than UH in both the USNEWS and Above the Law rankings.

Again…it’s amazing what that aTm money and resources can do.

That said, because that law school is still relatively new, it is still behind UHLC in terms of “big firm” hires, which typically have the highest starting salaries. When it comes to the large Houston area law firms, far more UHLC grads get hired than aTm law grads; among Texas schools, only UT law would be ahead of UH in that regard.

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