UH makes national news


That’s the type of positive press that we need!!!



So where does the money come from to pay the tuition and fees that those students won’t be paying? Interest on the billion dollar endowment recently raised maybe?

Transfer students are not eligible?

Back in the day everyone I knew was a transfer student.

From what I’ve heard, there have been some generous donations to get the program started. They will need more to sustain it.
Keep in mind that UT is doing this too, only with PUF money we don’t get.

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I don’t really care who else is doing it. I also don’t really think much of higher education anymore. I have interviewed way too many college graduates who can’t utter a coherent thought either verbally or in writing nor can they think critically and figure out how to solve a problem from scratch.

Higher education has become a racket. A college degree has become an entitlement in the eyes of many.

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Cool story, bro.


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