UH - Memphis Game 4

Memphis goes on to score 8 runs in the inning. 8-4 going to the ninth. :frowning:

thanks for the update…

I literally thought they might win a series for first time in forever. Geez 4-0 lead n you walk 5 men in same inn. Woof!

4 more games to play and then conference tourney …

Can they forfeit the last 4.

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So… No improvement by Rooney’s staff over the entire season. He has to go… Or him and Whitting have to go.

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RPI hanging in at 211. Playing @ #98 UCF this weekend. Strong showing should get us below 200! :thinking:

That # is more like an area code. :thinking:

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Also there’s no NIT Tourney :grin: in Baseball. We dead in the water. Onward.

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