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Just a thread to update on all UH merchandise

Anyway, bookstore has the new jerseys and the nike coaches polo available in S -L

I went to the Academy at 290 and Hwy 6 yesterday and couldn’t find ANY UH gear other than car decals and flags. No clothing at all. However, they had A&M and UT racks so stuffed and so numerous that you couldn’t walk between them without knocking stuff off hangers. Maybe there was UH gear in there, but I couldn’t find it through all the maroon and burnt orange. That’s unacceptable and frankly a little ridiculous!


I know this horse has been beaten into a coma, but why did Academy spend the money to get signage in TDECU and put together a marketing partnership with UH if they weren’t going to stock the stores with UH gear?

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Store stock is based on that individual Store’s leadership team, not Academy Corporate. Corporate would be who paid for signage. If you want to complain, ask for the Store’s SD (store director), and complain to them.

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On that note, I was in the Academy on 59 between Kirby and Shepherd last night and they had tons of racks full of UH gear.


Just going to drop this here from another thread.

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That store is notorious for not carrying UH merchandise. I don’t generally go to that location anymore.

The Academy in Pearland was full of UH gear…and many people buying

this was about 10 days ago

So you are telling me Corporate has zero influence on what the SD has in the store? It’s a waste of money to partner with UH and then not have it in most local stores. Just my thoughts on the matter, not questioning your facts.

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There are planograms and specific things that must be executed, like all stores, but it is up to the SD to determine mix within departments and depth within the mix. They are the ones blamed if products sit, and they get the say if things do not sell.

But by all means, complain to me about it, a guy who works in IT and has Zero say regarding what is stocked where, rather than doing what I suggested.

Who the hell is bitching at you about it? It’s a message board. If I am frustrated that no Academy near me has UH gear, I can come on here and vent about it. Stop taking it personally. Did I say, “bfalke1, this is YOUR FAULT!!!”? Jesus. If anything I complimented you giving me the insight and then you accuse me of bitching at you about it? Okay.

If I took every complaint about every company I have worked at personally, I would be a very bitter man.

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Yup but only 5-6 shitty polos that have been there for eons

Sorry, but you did not specifically bitch about it, but I have made the suggestion here (or one of the other forums before), and it was ignored by everyone, and they just continued to complain in an online forum, which is going to get nothing changed.

Did you mean they have new merchandise online or at the store? Cant find anything new online. If online link please.

They have great stuff there. Polls, tshirt S, jerseys.

Houstorian has some nice Houston related merchandise, although, none specifically for UH. This one comes closest if you get it in red:


One of the individuals (think he was the mgr) I spoke to at the Cinco Ranch store on 1463 mentioned it was still a licensing issue by UH. Is there any truth to this?

Here’s s link to all of Academy’s stock online. Lot of stuff to choose from there. I’m assuming that the stores can stick any of what is online; if they aren’t, that’s on the store itself.


It’s a lie.

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