UH Moment: Humana Institute Director Leads Effort To Improve Value Of Health Care

The Humana Institute is a unique partnership with Humana and UH that will really allow us to do some innovative educational programs and to train our learners how to be leaders in population health and address the needs of the communities they serve,” Woodard said.

The goal of the Humana Institute is to unite the College of Medicine with the existing health professions colleges at UH to leverage resources and form cross-disciplinary teams to tackle the most pressing, complex health care problems.

“I’m excited to think about how our students can work together, how we can go out into the communities to impact the care the communities receive and focus on the social detriments of health which are sometimes missed in clinical practice,” Woodard said.

Sounds like they may move all UH health professional colleges to the med building so the institute can be more effective.

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