UH new hires: Kendal Briles and Randy Clements


Kendal Briles (Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinators/QBs) Coach and Randy Clements (Run Game Coordinator/OL Coach).

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Let’s gggggggggooooooooooooo

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Going to be interesting to see the reaction. The official statement and Major’s statement was littered with, talk about vetting and “Culture of compliance and the appropriate treatment of our students.” If you have to go there in the announcement, you are anticipating a massive backlash.

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Well a lot of us wanted Major to make a bold move. I see this as a really bold. I don’t agree with this choice as I have said in other threads and I am concerned about the association here with Baylor. That said, if our leadership that we believe in have approved this hire, I want to believe in their judgement too. Personally I think it is too soon for him to be here but I will wait and see how this goes and what the statements of our leadership are.


This big time hire for us!


So are we now going to run the old Briles offense?

If so, we should try to keep Kyle Allen.


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Yes. This is CMA taking his hands off the offense.

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There was a reason why I had mentioned in a couple of threads that it was interesting that Kyle Allen hadn’t officially announced his decision to transfer yet.


he ran a read option dual threat offense at fau…


The offense was not working. Get ready for some exciting offense at UH.

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I think this is great.

And Major just proved he is not messing around with our team. He went all in to improve it.

With our Killer Defense 2018 looks very bright and promising!

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They essentially fired a coach because I am sure KB insisted we needed Clements to run the offense properly. So, I don’t think I am going out on a limb to say that KB has complete control here. He is named the AHC as well.


The secondary better improve.


I think they told applewhite AAC championship or you are gone.

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Now it’s time for him to pay attention to the defensive side of the game and fire the DC., Onofrio

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Yeah this looks like Applewhite about to go full out CEO coaching. Which I’m good with, I actually think that he will have way more success that way.

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Wow. You know, there are some things more important than winning football games. With two hires, UH will become a national villain. Terrible decision by Applewhite and atrocious for Pezman and Khator to give it the go-ahead. Extremely disappointing.


Does Les Miles know anything about defense?