UH @ Oklahoma - Game 2 Saturday - 2pm (L 19-1)

On FSSW again today

Losing 16-0 and it is not even over! Brutal!

Oh my

Keep hearing how we have the #1 recruiting class etc… We just seem to continuously get worse. Seem to be on a downward trajectory since hosting regional.

24 strikeouts for the Coogs so far, depressing. 19-1

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Throw the damn towel!

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Keep hearing Whitting will turn it around don’t see it happening. Looks like Coach Anderson was the key.


I have been thinking baseball has to get over the hump for a while. Lets see what they do in conference

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FWIW, A&M just got swept by Florida. They must have been over confident after beating us on Tuesday.

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UT is going to fire their whole staff for dropping a game to us.


19-1 is just absolutely brutal

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Time for a coaching change! He has had enough time


Let’s let the season play out first.

Very disappointing season thus far. Getting our tails kicked.

Looks like signing the #1 JUCO recruiting class hasn’t worked out for us.

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