UH receiver Ra'Shaad Samples endures waiting game due to concussions

UH receiver Ra’Shaad Samples endures waiting game due to concussions
Extreme caution used as Samples has long history of concussions
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Samples, a junior wide receiver who has yet to play a down for the Cougars, can remember almost every detail of how he got to this point.

The practice at the Texans’ practice facility in the spring. Two-minute drill. He faded to his left and a teammate unintentionally blindsided him as their helmets collided.

Then there was the couple of practices in late August, just weeks before the season opener, when he took a blow to the head and hit the ground hard on another.

So if he retires due to concussions, does UH get that scholarship back ?!

They don’t really get it back as they can’t go back and fill it, but I don’t believe it counts against the 85.

I doubt he’ll retire from what he’s saying. More than likely, he tries to come back in the spring and we’ll see what happens.

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