UH Regents selects location near UH for new Med School (updated)



University of Houston Medical School Building Site Location Options


Medical Center Option - site

Medical Center Option - building


I like the building option in the Medical Center but would like to see that building on campus.

I am curious to why they would build a larger building in the Medical Center than on campus?



I would think you’d want students to have quicker access to actual hospitals in the Med Center.


These med students will be training to become primary care physicians which mostly is in an office and lab setting. But I don’t think it’s necessary that it’s located next to a hospital.

The land they are building on is perfect for expansion such as building a real clinic servicing the community. They may even build a University Hospital and/or emergency room facility, doctors office building, after hours care facility, and add more health care degree programs. They will probably move all the health care programs to that area in new facilities.

The med school program is just the beginning. This land would become the University Health Care District. I’m sure our administration knows the potential that’s why they selected this location. Don’t think they are going to stop at the med school program.

I love the progress of the university under president Khator’s leadership.