UH S&P+ History


I still like the Crazy Hot Matrix better…:smiley:


So the author points out our cheatttttttttttting then still cheatttttttttttttttttting
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He does not mention atm probations??? GIVE ME A BLIPPING BREAK!!!



That the peak for the R/S years is so much higher than the recent is absurd.

Worse is 2015 being lower than any year since 1979. One would never know that team finished 13-1, beat four ranked teams(one top 10), beat three P5 teams, and won a major bowl.

Sure…they’re just a little better than Helton’s team that was Co-CUSA Champ team when it was a five team conference and didn’t beat a single team with a winning record.


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Brought you by Barney Stinson. “Patent pending”


Still the funniest thing I have ever seen…:smiley:


S&P+ is an efficiency matrix more than a “best team” matrix. Usually, the best teams tend to rise to the top, however, there are some outliers. Mainly, it tries to provide a percentage for who will win a match-up, but usually provides percentages in the ranges of 50-60%. Probably best for use when trying to bet on games and maybe try to decide which teams that are similar are better than others. As with any stat, it doesn’t give the full picture of what a team is.

I think what hurts us about 2015 in rankings like this is that we played a ton of close games and relied on a ton of takeaways (which S&P+ tends to discount as luck).