UH Schedule for 2020-2021?

Does anyone have any info on the UH Schedule for 2020-2021 other than Alabama and the early tournament we are in?

We play LSU and South Carolina at Home

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We were supposed to be in Charleston tourney with great competition that I was planning on attending but seems highly likely those tourneys and non conference gets turned on its head.

I think you could make a bubble for these non-conference tourneys. Get there a few days early and have everyone tested multiple times before starting the tourney.

I was hoping to go to the Charleston Classic this year too. Holding out hope it still happens.

*pre covid schedule
south carolina
coppin state
charlston classic (3 gams)
(9 of the 13 ooc)
was attempting to shedule an unknown acc team

ncaa intends to start the season at nov 25th…lsu and charlston classic are scheduled before the 25



Wow! That’s A LOT of teams going in to Orlando. What a fun few weeks of Bball watching that would be! Go Coogs…

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Same areans where the NBA has been last 2 mos. They have 3-4 venues where they can play.
Hopefully it will happen.

Bubble like? or do you think it’ll be open to the public? Sounds massive!

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Will they let the virtual fans in the courts?

I assume these tournaments are at varying times so there will be plenty of room.

Would rather see Hub Cap Guy cutout in the stands.

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the ncaa has aproved a 25-27 regular season schedule…(4 less games than usual)

that means 9 OOC (7 if we switch to a 20 game conference schedule)…

Teams can play:

  1. 24 reg season gms + 3 in a Tourney
  2. 25 rs + 2 tourney
  3. 25 reg sesn + No tourney
    Coogs fall into #1 option as they’re schd to play in Charleston Classic-- 3 gms --latest info says it will be in Orlando bubble.

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