UH SMU Game thread

UH defers.

SMU unis look horrible.

Oh man, almost intercepted.

That’s an understatement. I think they might be the most gawd awful unis I’ve ever seen.

Welp, fumble by Allen. Can’t believe they didn’t review that.

TD SMU. Just went right down the field with ease.

Turnover that leads to TD, seems we are getting good at that this season.

Another Fumble :rage:

We just seem frayed and listless the last 3 games.


Missed FG so we dodge a bullet.

Agreed; something’s off about this team. Swagger isn’t there.


Offense continues to look bad. 3 and out.


Considering the opponent, this is embarrassing.

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We are flat and uninspired.

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Awful 1st quarter… you tell me all the noise from the Big 12 and Herman leaving does not affect focus.

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Well, that was about as bad a quarter as you can play…Luckily we have 3 more

2 turnovers and a zillion penalties. Awful.

The players are flat. The coaching staff has to do something.

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TD SMU, 14-0.

And H.Wilson hurt

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