UH SMU Game thread

What happened to H Wilson ?

Looked like a knee to the head.


What the ********** is this??? 2 fumbles and two 3 and outs

If only Chance didnt try to get fancy and get flipped…

This is worse than UTSA.

TD SMU, 21-0

The coaching staff and players are somewhere else today. They did not come to compete.

This is becoming unwatchable…what happened to this team

We are going to need a lot of luck to win this game.

Another 3 and out

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Has this team given up on Herman…since he won’t comment on his future at Houston?

There we go, Coogs get a fumble

There we go. Time to remind SMU that they’re SMU.

Im starting to think the same thing. Imagine the betrayal they could feel if he up and leaves after preaching unity and love and brotherhood.

TD, Dunbar 21-7

If it is happening that way then screw him. We’re not paying upper half P5 salary for him to be focused on any job but the one he has in front of him.

Still Bull **** call.

So lucky. Very low % play.

These guys are coaching to lose.

Isaiah Johnson banged up

Defense has turned pathetic (except for Oliver) since the Navy game. Can’t seem to stop anyone.

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