UH, SMU may trade insults but rivalry missing on the field

(Patrick) #1

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“Last year losing to them the way we did, we just want to get that bad taste out of our mouth,” UH left guard Braylon Jones said. “That loss was tough to deal with.”

(Chris) #2

chron poll? How do you define rivalry?competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.
I like winsipedia.

I can’t stand SMU but they are like every single ex-SWC members our primary rivals. Yes, I dream of a return to geographical rivalries. That is what made College Football so popular. With the nfl turmoil it would be a perfect opportunity for the small12 to bring in U of H and SMU. I know I am dreaming and the cows will do everything to stop it.


“Half of his players can’t spell SMU”.

SMU is not a word. No one can spell it.


Is SMU a Tier 1 University?

If not, someone might want to point that out to SMU fans, who are saying this about UH

"Hey by the way - on that thing that matters, education - you know, the reason for the existence of your university - you are 0 and 102 vs SMU. Ranked number 192 in the country. You might want to think about shutting down, you are so bad at educating. “”



They are welcome to go join the Magnolia league and talk about their academics with the other privates that should not be in FBS football.