UH Takes Athletics Logo University-wide

(Patrick) #1

Cullen Performance Hall gets a new look as UH officially adopts the UH logo previously used exclusively by UH Athletics program as the official UH symbol representing the entire university. Moving forward, this will be the only “UH” mark used in university branding #GoCoogs


I was just thinking the other day that we should do this. Glad to hear it’s happening.

For anyone else interested in why this was done, I feel like this article lays out the justification pretty well:


Some variations of that particular logo has bevel, but not the on the banner in this video. Why the discrepancies?


It would be nice to have it on the football helmet.


No bevel.

(Jason Lee) #6

What’s funny, is that in that article, it talks about Kentucky, whom many said we copped their look back in the FAT UH logo days. Kentucky and Nike have refined that old FAT UK logo now, to one that looks exactly like our current logo. Crazy.

I wonder if any thought was given to using the academic logo as the athletic one? I know many preferred the even skinnier logo (but not as skinny as the old football one).

I’m pretty neutral with the current logo. I’m cool with it.


“It would be nice to have it on the football helmet.”

I agree.

(David) #8

I must be old because I liked the skinny logo for the Academic side and the current logo for the Athletics side.

(zx504) #9

This is welcome news as far as I’m concerned.
Just last week I noticed how disjointed the campus marquees look with different logos, some with U on top of the H and some with the H on top of the U, some solid, some with lines. Same for university letterheads.
A single brand is a good thing.


I wouldn’t bet against seeing it on the football helmets next year.

(G.W.) #11

Me too