UH @ Texas State - Game 2 Saturday - 2:30pm ESPN+ (L 15-9)



7-4 (Southwest) Texas State ahead in the top of the fifth.

Rooney needs to stop putting pitchers in who cannot find the strike zone. Rather our pitchers throw it down the middle of the plate and let the other team hit it than walk them. At least make the batter beat you instead of just giving them a base.

Nine walks in 4 1/3 innings.


Sorry was busy today, couldn’t do updates. Doesn’t look good though.

We can’t lose to these lower tier teams and expect to compete for a World Series bid at ncaas

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Maybe if we upgrade our facilities and move to one of the hotbeds for recruiting then we could have a dominant team/program.

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Thanks Jitter,

I appreciate all the updates !
Not sure why some here expect you to do all the posting and then when they do contribute it is usually of a negative sarcastic tone .

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If we could shore up the pitching somehow, this team could have a chance to go pretty far. The bats certainly aren’t the problem.

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