UH to HOST XFL Championship Game!

I remember hearing that we are getting a sum in the millions for it!

Millions really? Cash? Not just millions in kind? I dont recall the details but when the Dynamo played and hosted events at Robertson it was not a huge financial windfall.

Dont get me wrong, I like the XFl and this is good for UH but I am just curious about how much does UH benefit.

Seeing as how attendance has been poor. Some season tickets were dropped and they’ve changed a game to NRG and will continue doing so. I’d say it benefits us to see some profit. Or break even. And all from simply renting the stadium. I think we make profit off the parking also.

100,000/gm and all confessions/parking


I wonder how much “confessions” are worth.


The high cost of those confessions was one of the reasons for the Reformation! :laughing:


true that

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