UH to open safety-net health clinic Monday



The clinic will be located in Health 2 Building. I knew this would happen. I can see a fully functional healthcare district or mini-TMC developing before our very eyes.

A joint initiative between the University of Houston (UH) and Lone Star Circle of Care (LSCC) will enhance access to quality health care services in Houston. A community-based Federally Qualified Health Center at the University of Houston will open on Monday, April 1, 2019 to provide high-quality, comprehensive primary and behavioral health care services to South Central Houston residents. Located in the Health 2 Building, temporary home of the new UH College of Medicine, the center amplifies LSCC’s and UH’s commitment to health integration, improved health outcomes and improved quality of life in underserved communities including the Third Ward.

Lone Star Circle of Care at the University of Houston joins a network of LSCC clinics known for high-quality, integrated care in which physical and behavioral health needs are met simultaneously within one clinical system. Patients are co-managed by LSCC’s medical and behavioral health providers through shared electronic health records. This integrated care approach is the foundation of the UH College of Medicine, focused on preparing more primary care physicians to address a nationwide shortage. Faculty from the medical school and other health related disciplines will work as clinicians in the new health center where primary and behavioral health providers will be housed within the same location to foster coordinated patient-centered care.

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Dayum this new Med School could be KEWL!!!

I sure hope that the funding legislation passes, and that accreditation comes through in a timely manner.

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“Just opened—an on campus health clinic for faculty, staff and community! UH medical school faculty along with others are seeing patients in the UH clinic located in Health 2. Check it out!” Khator said in the tweet.

_This tweet was received positively by both the students and the Houston community. _

“Wonderful service, Dr. Khator,” said Houston resident and community advocate Amy Gasca in response to the tweet. “So proud of what you and UH does for the community.”

The new clinic is located on the first floor of the Health 2 Building. The community is encouraged to visit for any of their health care needs.