UH tough matchup for USF, Defense, King, Car, Short Passes

(G.W.) #1

First, Congratulations to the Coogs for getting a tough road win versus a ranked opponent. I rewatched the game and took a few notes (or more than a few). UH D was a very tough matchup for Flowers.

Flowers success as a drop back passer has been lackluster. But his ability to run the ball opens up the O for them. Coogs D did not let Flowers, Tice or anyone else beat them with the run. UH pinned them down and forced Flowers to win it with his arm.

Here are the distances that USF had to make to convert Third Down:
14, 8, 13, 12, 6, 10, 10, 2, 9, 2, 24, 6, 4, 7, 11, 5, 15, 6, 2…so there were not a lot of easy third downs for USF. Though they made a few. And a couple they went for on 4th two cost them FGs, two got them TDs)

UH QBs ran more than any other game this year. King went for some big runs, including the game winner. Even Postma got 13 on the read option. King is rushing the QB draw, much like Ward did early in his Junior year.

We there exactly 3 times to the middle of the field. One for -2 yards., one for 22 yards, one easy drop. We had 3 bad drops.

I stopped counting swing passes and bubble screens. I know they are easy to complete. But they drive me crazy on 3rd and 12.

Early going for it on 4th and 1 from our own 40 was not a good decision with our D playing lights out. We gave USF 20 negative plays. Punt it. It was not the same situation as playing Memphis who scored every time they touched the ball. We survived it.

Lark made the catch of the game, and caught a TD. But dropped a 30 yard pass that would have given us a 1st at the USF 11. Glad to see him come back and make that play. Just willed it. Last thing on Lark…he seems like the only receiver I can remember in the last few years who has gotten down the field separation from the DB. How fast is he?

Melba Car…lost that fumble (he cannot be doing that). But he was a BEAST from the point forward. USF had no answer for him. He is the most talented RB we have. He better get the starting job or we are doing something wrong.

Ed Oliver…Mr. Everywhere. Sacks, batting down passes, coverage. Triple teams, running all over the field. The guys needs to get a TD sometime. What a crazy good athlete.

King…well, there is the next UH QB. He has the jets like Ward. He throws a nice ball. He is a little raw. But the talent is there. All the best to him. We have found our QB for the rest of the year…and hopefull, beyond.

Continued concerns: turnovers, offensive play calling.

One last remark. This is the first game I can remember where we did not get a late hit penalty or an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Congrats Coogs, you earned it!

(Patrick) #2

Great job.

Lark doesn’t have elite speed, but he can get separation. He was a good high jumper in high school which may explain the 4th and 24 catch.

(G.W.) #3

You don’t always need speed for separation (often helps). He might be one of those guys who has that hidden extra gear. Even on the play before the TD it looked like a last second burst almost got him to the ball. I thought there could have been a PI on the play, but officials were letting them play.

And he was matched up against a strong CB.