UH-UCF Game thread

Going to be a good day. 40-12 Coogs

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I just want to see a win. At this point I don’t care how or by how much.


Interesting; Kirk and Desmond broke down tOSU’s problems and tied it to OL. Could have been talking about UH as both seem to be having similar issues.

All red today

No Matt Adams today

No Noble or Rodgers.

Injured? Or just held out? I know Rodgers got hurt against Tulsa and Noble got hurt against SMU

Boy, we are banged up. Hope to see something out of Marquez today. RB and OL still a question mark to me.

This is the worst crowd I’ve seen in my half-decade as a UH student/alum/fan. Downright embarassing. Worse than post-TxSt and post-UTSA crowds.


UCF ball first

Nice stop by D. 3 and out

Stevenson returning punts

And a bad snap on the first play

Going old school, listening to UCF radio. I’ll report any crazy thoughts.

“You’d like to have seen a couple first downs on that first drive.” Called Ward one of the best athletes in the country.

Nice 3rd down play and Allen breaks a number of tackles for the first.

Then a pick, Allen slips on his route.

Hopefully the staff uses it as motivation.

3rd and 16 and we get a first down on a middle screen.

Bad route (?) and interception. Let’s see how we respond to that. Haha, guess UCF announcers didn’t see Allen slip.

Only motivation I see the staff getting out of this is motivation to sign a new contract elsewhere.

Bonner out today too.

I guess you’re right. If they use it as motivation to say that this is what you get when you pull an SMU, the team might not be too “motivated.”

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