UH v #25 Cincinnati thread. (2:30pm on ESPN2)

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Glad to see Dixie play; if you want to talk about perseverance, you can start with Dixie. I really like that young man.


Edgeton was still in the thinking mode instead of reacting mode when he was hurt. He will do a lot better when he gets the new defense down. You can see the improvement in Kirvin and Mutin each week as they are more comfortable with the defense. We definitely need al of them.


We do need everyone.

Completely agree! I saw several times where you could see he’s trying to figure out how he should react instead of reacting. This could actually be seen with a lot of the players. Like you said, everybody just need some reps.

You’re absolutely right, we need everyone. It’s crazy how last year we lost everybody on the defensive line, and this year we are getting hit hard with the linebackers.