UH v McNeese Game link

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On espn3. Menu On the right.
Rob Gray suspended one game for playing in church league.


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Coogs playing well. I like the intensity.

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Coogs with some turnover issues but they will get that fixed.

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"Gray, whose 20.6 points led the American Athletic Conference last season, was suspended one game by the NCAA for playing in a church recreational league during the offseason. Sampson said Gray became ineligible for the opener because a friend paid a $5 entry fee for the senior guard to play in the rec league game in March at Second Baptist Church. Along with missing a game, Gray was required to pay back the $5 entry fee.
“He played in the game,” Sampson said. “That was the violation. Nothing more, nothing less.”"

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The rule has been there for years…stupid rule but a rule none the less…Last night night the Coogs got their energy from the hustle of the team, certainly not the puny, pathetic crowd.
I thought we looked far from being a finished product as we played very sloppy at times. But I absolutely love the hustle and our outside shooting. While Brady is far from being a world beater, he is a huge step up from what we have had in the middle. If he stays healthy and remains consistent I expect him to really help this team…
Playing our games at TSU is no doubt a huge disadvantage for the squad but I still think we can have a great year and perhaps make the dance in a league that just got a lot tougher with the edition of the Shockers.


The team was fun to watch. They went into lulls, but overall, they were very energetic. Corey was everything I’d hoped he be; and, Wes! Man, did he hustle.