UH vs Rice agree to Series

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glad we could get this 200+ rpi game …basketball is literally the only sport i have little interest in playing against rice

gut feeling: our schedule next year is going to be bad


also what is the multi-team event???


Ugh…do not want.

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I don’t want to play them in Football either.

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As part of a regular season tourney…eh…we were probably going to get a cupcake in the 1st round of any tourney we played in anyway.

They were one of the worst teams in all of college basketball last year and could be worse next year as they’ll only have 1 senior and may be starting 2-3 freshmen.

If we were going to play someone in/around Houston, I’d rather play TSU or SHSU.


in football there are clear advantages …our attendance ALWAYS spikes when we play rice…we and we only get 6 homes games, a de facto 7th …i get it in football

in basketball it isnt worth it…playing them actually hurts us…our fans dont care about playing rice in basketball, and he have enough home games… and rice is too proud to make it a buy game, so we’ll likely have to do return games, likely taking a spot from a more worthy home and home…they are a buy quality game, doing home and homes

what really makes me sad about this is “multi team event”…whatever preseason tourney we get is going to be bad :frowning:

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Is there an annual College BB tourney in Toyota Center or are they starting one?
Play in game at UH.
Could that be it?


that is because we have played in traditionally horrible tournaments…last year was our best tournament invite in 20 years and it was still bad
i was really hoping since we finally made the ncaa tourney that we would finally get our first good mid-season tourney…normally all rounds in good tourneys are vs top 100 rpi teams .rice’s rpi last year was 330

most preseason tourneys are already filled, 85% of p5 already in one…but there were a few decent teams not in tourneys like Kentucky, ND, Ohio State, arizona state to name a few…these normally only have 1 per league, we are currently the best AAC not in a tourney…i was hoping we could sneak in one with them…but if it involves rice, i guarantee you ND and Kentucky arent getting in a preseason tourney with rice

the only way this isnt horrible news is what phantom said and this is for some new houston event…and rice is being invited like chimade (d2) to the maui invitational, as a courtesy to the local team…and all the good teams are still coming

the aac on top is taking a hit next year, we arent getting arkansas or providence ., we get byu but they are a projected nit caliber team and wont carry our schedule…if playing rice in a “multi-team event” is indicating what i think it is…and we dont start announcing some nice home and homes;

we could be drastically better than last year and end up with a lower seed, thats if we make it


Lmao. Relax. Today is April 13th.


and schedules that define how you do in march are made in april

st marys OOC schedule that was specifically stated as the reason they didnt make the tourney by the committee was made in april…they were a 30 win, top 25 ranked , top 40 rpi team

last year the aac had 2 top 10 we got to play twice…this year there isnt a single top 25…providence and arkansas who were our best 2 ooc wins we also dont get to play

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Agree we still need to upgrade our OOC schedule, but playing Rice at this point does absolutely nothing for us, except embarrass us should we lose. We have got to step up and start playing a better schedule outside of conference, because it could well bite us in the butt at selection time…
I am hoping Pez can help us improve our schedule but he is not going to be able to do it over night. We should have a good product as long as Sampson is our coach, but we still need some decent teams coming in to get our weak fan base motivated…


Sounds like a tournament. Rice in the opening round and then a better team in the finals. They would be okay if they could keep some of their players. They’ve recruited plenty of good players in the past few years - they just can’t hold onto any of them. Right now 24/7 has UH rated with the 60th best recruiting class and Rice is at #65. Plus they have a good transfer from TCU who is eligible next year. They aren’t going to be top 100 RPI next year but they’ll be better than they were this year.

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This is exactly how almost all P5 teams feel about playing UH in basketball and football . . . . . Pez has his work cut out for him . . . . .


we were a top 30 rpi team last season, and been a top 100-ish rpi team for ages. even losing to us last year would be a drastic boost to their rpi, the aac is also considered a high major by almost everyone in the sport…p5/g5 is a football division…its high major/mid major in basketball and we are on the good side in basketball

there is some legitimacy to your argument on the football side, even that i could debate…but i dont see the point seeing we are talking basketball and on a basketball forum, about a basketball schedule

your point makes no sense if you understand basketball in the college level at all…

comparing us to a p5, when we have a better rpi than 80% of the p5, is not even comparable to comparing us to rice who had 330 rpi (out of 350 in all of D1)…you could beat a 300+ rpi team by 70 and youd still hurt your rpi rank…simply stepping on the court with them hurts you


Maybe a series with St. Mary’s would be beneficial to both schools.

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All I know is that Sampson said that two B12 teams backed out of home-and-home series with us after our run in the Tournament.

The struggle is real.

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I’m happy we’re playing rice. I like the history there.


what im about to say is pure speculation by me, with no real evidence:

but something very interesting that has caught my attention:

Notre Dame was just reported to be in a very similar situation as this game…Notre Dame will play Duquesne in an unknown event with very little details released. Duquesne rpi was 280 last year…

there is absolutely no evidence this is the same tournament we are in…but if it is, these look like regional match ups that will eventually lead to a bigger tournament
and notre dame is TOO big of a brand to not be included in a big tournament with other big brands,

and according to Duquesne’s beat writer it will be a 3 game tournament (i think, she worded it very awkwardly)

again this is just wishful thinking by me…we could end up playing in a horrible tournament and im just getting my hopes up for nothing


Maybe, but with Duquesne playing 3 home games in the event it sounds like the ND thing is a just a 5 team campus-site round robin tournament. And I doubt UH would play in one of those where they’re playing at Duquesne and not the other way around.

This site has UH’s and ND’s mult-team events listed as two separate tournaments. https://www.bloggingthebracket.com/2017/11/27/16671208/2018-19-college-basketball-early-season-tournaments-events-mte-neutral-site-showcases-thanksgiving

The link show some decent teams out there that aren’t booked for an exempt tournament. Hopefullly at least one ends up in UH’s event.