UH vs TSU score predictions

I have UH winning handling… Defense still struggles but TSU is such an inferior opponent it won’t matter this weekend.

UH - 59
TSU - 27

well I purposely didn’t enter a score for Tech game because I had that as one of two losses of the season. Have Coogs going 10-2. Defense still an issue — Fighting Tigers from TSU pull it out 70-69!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::smiley::smiley::smiley::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


But…are you taking into account the DC’s halftime adjustments ???:sunglasses:


No way tsu scores 27…coogs 73-3

Lol :skull:

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Uh 45 tsu 13

It will be as lopsided as we want it to be. I hope we spend the whole damn game working on defensive aggressiveness (Blitzing, bump and run man coverage and tackling technique), OL run blocking (really firing off the ball and pancaking your opponents), and WR depth and pass catching skills. Every dropped ball should carry some sort of punishment (see below) throughout the remainder of the season. Every missed tackle should carry some sort of punishment (extra sprints, stairs, etc) throughout the remainder of the season. If we allow them to score a single point, the whole defense should also have some sort of punishment (see above). Hell, maybe this should also apply to the D coaches.


It’s not the same. The recruits going to a swac team differ big time…we will see a false positive result…we’re back on defense!!! Then reality will slap us in the face the next game.




our defense is horrible, not that horrible

tsu is a bad offense, an fcs a bad fcs team (2 wins last year), who plays in the worst conference in all of d1

this game could be 135-10 if we so chose it, score prediction is just guessing when we decide to pull the horses

my goal for this game:
-give ed 2 sacks, and a rushing touchdown
-2 picks
-king to get atleast 4tds
-a 100yd rusher
-a punt to actually be returned

(basically just padding stats)… this is a glorified scrimmage

Not going to predict scores, but offense should be able to move the ball and I will be very surprised if the defense doesn’t hold the Tigers to less points than Arizona.

if their qb can pass the ball, we’re in trouble.

I have zero faith in our defense at all anymore

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Applewhite doesn’t have killer instinct and pulls off the dogs at the half. 49-14.

77-0 would be something he couldn’t do to another coach because it would embarrass them. He doesn’t have a problem giving up 63 points though. Pedal to the medal Applewhite!!!

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UH 48
TSU 17

I would have said that I have little faith in our DC !!!

Coogs - 68
TSU - 7

What’s their mascot again?

UH-42 TSU-21

It will be 42-0 at half but Minor will pull the starters at half.

Man with the D we have. 100 to 97 tsu for the w. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the game interesting because our secondary is hurt and onofrio has no clue what to do


that’s ridiculous

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