UH vs Tulane - Doubleheader Saturday (G1: W 12-7) (G2: L 9-7 in 10)


Any word on the schedule.

(Patrick) #2

Just released.

Edit: They released a new tweet that says postponed…probably a doubleheader Sunday.


Double Header scheduled for Saturday.

(David) #4

Weather actually looks nice right now. Rain is supposed to pick up in the morning so I wonder if they can get the games in.

(Patrick) #5

Sunday game moved back an hour


Should’ve played today…so it goes LOL

(Patrick) #7

Game links:

G1: Live Stats | Live Stream | Live Audio
G2: Live Stats | Live Stream | Live Audio

(Patrick) #8

D1Baseball weekly rank for our guys

Relief Pitcher: Villarreal #16, Roedahl #80
1st base: Davis #14
3rd Base: Triolo #17

(Patrick) #9

Just a prediction: I bet we get one game in today. Rain is supposed to hit Houston between 2-3 pm and last into the evening.


Good grief. What were they looking at yesterday?! My little phone app showed nothing…nothing all day into the evening. smh

(Patrick) #11

Campus was closed down by UH admin. Nothing they could do yesterday.

(Patrick) #12

Game scheduled to start at 4 now. Still planning on a doubleheader today

(Patrick) #13

Bottom 1st

Triolo infield single, steal, Burckel groundout moves him to 3rd, Davis groundout scores Triolo…Coogs lead 1-0

(Patrick) #14

Bottom 2nd

Bielo leadoff single, Fuentes walk, Padgett doubles to score Bielo…Coogs lead 2-0

Wild pitch scores Fuentes, Padgett to 3rd…Coogs lead 3-0

Hyland walks. 1 out Triolo single scores Padgett, Hyland to 3rd…Coogs lead 4-0

Triolo steals 2nd. Burckel grounds out to 2nd, Hyland scores, Triolo to 3rd…Coogs lead 5-0

T3…UH leads 5-0

(Patrick) #15

(Patrick) #16

Top 3rd

Leadoff double and an E1 put runners on the corners. Sac fly scores a run…Coogs lead 5-1

Hoese homer…Coogs lead 5-3

Double and a homer…Tied 5-5

M3…Tied 5-5

(Tom Green) #17

Tulane has some offense fire power among best in Nation. Need to avoid big inn from their big bats exploding.

(Patrick) #18

Yep, still remember that game last year when we were up 12-2 going into the 7th and lost 17-16.

(Tom Green) #19


(Tom Green) #20

and here they come. 2 run shot – 5-3.